Ambitious Beginnings

This is a series of blog posts that served as an assignment for the course titled Social Implications of Computing (CIS*3000) during my undergraduate studies at the University of Guelph. It was originally published on a free site I had created for the course.

I believe in forever remembering the place from which I emerged, so I have migrated all the content to this site, to remain here for perpetual reference.

I have diligently attempted to preserve verbatim the original text and formatting. Keep in mind however that some links may be broken and that some content might be totally outdated given the month/year that you are reading them.

Privacy: a birthright worth compromising?

A balanced evaluation of a modern gift.

Suppression and Expression: Government and the Individual

Reflections on freedom of expression and piracy in light of the COICA controversy of 2010.

Working away from work: Telecommuting

Most workers dream of being able to make their dough from the comfort and convenience of their homes. Why do some pursue this dream at all costs yet the vast majority settle with the status quo?

Accountability: A Message To All Software Engineers

Is it time for Software Engineers to stand under their own Arches?

Lessons in Decision-Making: A Computing Perspective

An analysis of the (initially) disappointing removal of a fascinating feature from the beloved Sony PlayStation 3.