Truth is a Person.

In the fighting, I am learning more of Him. Sometimes He is just as I had predicted or expected, and so I parry Him with confidence and success. Other times, He surprises me – sometimes even totally baffles me – and I am wounded severely by His slashes and grapples.

But over time my wounds heal, and I obtain a deeper understanding of Him. The more I wrestle, the closer I get to Him.

My account sounds harsh. ‘Tis, indeed. Such is the nature of Truth. He has no favourites. He is apparently cold and dispassionate.

But fortunately for me, the Truth is also Love. Compassion. Kindness. Gentleness. Humility. Grace.

And that makes all the difference in my pursuit thereof. He breathes new meaning into my vocation of knowledge and understanding.

Truth is a Person. His name is Jesus. To know truth then is to know Jesus. And when I’m wrestling with said truth, I am wrestling with THE Truth; with Jesus.